Dennis Partridge

Christmas at San Felipe

As at the approach of Christmas the heart of every good Christian is filled with joyful anticipation, so too, the San Felipe and Santo Domingo Indians are similarly affected. Weeks and even months in advance they inquire how long it is until noche buena, the holy night, (literally the “goodnight”), conies and then in their …

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Carlsbad, New Mexico

All over the Southwest the thrifty city of Carlsbad, the county seat of Eddy County, is known as Carlsbad the Beautiful. Stately shade trees overarch the broad, well kept streets, even in the business sections of the town, while the residence section, with homes enveloped in shade and flowering plants and shrubs, has made the …

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Artesia, New Mexico

Artesia was of much later establishment than Roswell, the building of the pleasant little city of today beginning with the completion of the railroad in 1898. There are now about 2,000 people in Artesia, and it is coming to be one of the most important cities on the slope. The artesian well is altogether responsible …

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Early African American Settlements in New Mexico

Blackdom, Chaves County, New Mexico This small town settlement was officially established on December 5, 1911. It covered about forty acres with 166 lots for houses. This was an incorporated town site that lay within a broader area called Blackdom community. This community was composed of farms, and homesteads by African American families covering several …

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Buffalo Soldiers Grave. Old Fort Tularosa, (Aragon) New Mexico, Catron County, New Mexico

A Buffalo Soldier’s Grave

An elderly rancher pointed out this grave several years ago and told of its history. After the Civil War, African American soldiers were sent West. One troop was garrisoned at Fort Tularosa, northeast of Reserve, New Mexico. They were used to control Indian raids, escort stages, protect travelers and civilians. Fort Tularosa was created in …

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Buffalo Soldier by Sculptor Eddie Dixon

Buffalo Soldiers

“Buffalo Soldier” the name given by the Indians because of their short curly hair and their courage and fortitude, much admired qualities of the buffalo. Kiowa Indians in western Kansas after encounters with Black soldiers of the 10th Cavalry Regiment in 1866, gave them their name. It was a compliment by the troops and the …

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