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Biographies can be found in many places, books are one of the best place to find them. County History Books are one of the many used. When these books are published they relied on the person to write their own biography. This being the case, they are relying on their memory for the information, sometimes this can be in error. The person writing the information can embellish the facts or stretch the truth. When searching County History books and you don’t find a biography for your ancestor, one thing to keep in mind is some of the publishers often charged for an entry in the book. Check the index, maybe they will be listed in the history of the county or as a member of an organization. When using biographies, be sure to check the information with other facts you might have.

Online Biographies:

New Mexico Biographies (hosted at AccessGenealogy) In each of the Biographies listed, New Mexico is mentioned.

WPA Life Histories from New Mexico (hosted at American Memory)
These titles are mostly first-person accounts of life in New Mexico collected during the Great Depression. The WPA project categories include: Early Settlers, Old Timer Stories, Pioneer Stories And Pioneers Of New Mexico.

Subjects include: Local History, including Civil War, Indian wars/campaigns, outlaws, land grants, architecture, roads, trails, wagon trains, prominent citizens and schools.

Immigration/Ethnicity, including Hispanic (Mexican) dress, outlook/attitudes, Indians (Comanche, Navajo, Apache) raids, trade, houses, captivity narratives, travel accounts and westward journeys.

Industry/Occupations, including ranchers, cowboys, prospector mining, buried-treasure lore, tradesmen and merchants, teachers, soldiers.

Religion, including Catholicism, missions, relics.

Places mentioned include Lincoln County, Chaves County, Durango, County, and Farmington, County Famous people mentioned include Kit Carson, Pat
Garrett, Billy the Kid, Geronimo and the writer Eugene Manlov Rhodes.

Other off Site Locations:

Hosted at Bernalillo County USGenWeb Archives

  • Edward A. Cahoon
  • Mrs. Clara Fergusson
  • Mrs. A.S. Hopewell
  • Henry Lutz
  • Sidney L. Prager

Hosted at Colfax County USGenWeb Archives

  • Mrs. Mary E. Burleson
  • Edward A. Cahoon
  • John J. Heringa
  • Abran Miller
  • Tillotson, Thomas C

Hosted at Curry County USGenWeb Archives

  • Dr. J. R. Carver
  • Mrs. Lena Kempf Maxwell
  • Hon. O L Owen
  • H. M. Pyle

Hosted at De Baca County USGenWeb Archives

  • A. J. Ballard
  • Abran Miller

Hosted at Doña Ana County USGenWeb Archives

  • Old Timers Dictionary
  • Cruz Richards Alvarez
  • Mrs. Clara Coleman
  • Oliver Lee
  • Mollie Grove Smith
  • Mrs. Juan Valdez
  • Roswell Chihuahua District Folk Tales

Hosted at Eddy County USGenWeb Archives

  • Judge Charles Rufus Brice
  • Martin V. Corn
  • Rufus H. Dunnahoo

Hosted at Grant County USGenWeb Archives

  • Mrs. Florence Cravens
  • Charles C. Roberts
  • Hon. Alvan N White

Hosted at Guadalupe County USGenWeb Archives

  • Campos, Judge Santiago Eloy

Hosted at Lea County USGenWeb Archives

  • Gov. William C. McDonald

Hosted at Lincoln County USGenWeb Archives

  • Jose Apodaca
  • A. J. Ballard
  • Nellie Barnum (Branum)
  • Mrs. Anna Brazell
  • George S. Brown
  • Mrs. Mary E. Burleson
  • Daniel Carabajal
  • Mrs. Amelia Bolton Church
  • Joshua P. Church
  • Mrs. J. P. Church
  • Mrs. Florence Cravens
  • Mrs. Ella Davidson
  • Lawrence H. Dow
  • Rumaldo Duran
  • Sam Farmer
  • Elizabeth Garrett
  • Mrs. Sarah Hughes
  • William Kimbrell
  • Nellie Leahy
  • Elisha Leslie
  • Mrs. Annie E. Lesnett
  • Henry Lutz
  • Charles D. Mayer
  • Mrs. Mary Ellen McMillan
  • Abran Miller
  • Mrs. Lorencita Miranda
  • George Murray
  • Mary Lee Queen
  • Nellie B. Reily
  • Mrs. Alice Roberts
  • Charles C. Roberts
  • Pedro M. Rodriguez
  • Mrs. Pinkie Bourne Skinner
  • Mollie Grove Smith
  • Ben Stimmel
  • J Y Thornton
  • Thomas C Tillotson
  • Alice J. VanWinkel
  • Alber Ziegler

Hosted at Otero County USGenWeb Archives

  • Mollie Grove Smith
  • Alice J. VanWinkel

Hosted at San Miguel County USGenWeb Archives

  • Cahoon, Edward A
  • Lucero, Hon. Antonio
  • Lutz, Henry
  • Montoya, Lorenzo
  • Stimmel, Ben
  • Trujillo, Juan De La Cruz
  • Trujillo, Leanore 1854 – August 1923
  • Urton, William Colley
  • Vanwinkel, Alice J.

Hosted at Santa Fe County USGenWeb Archives

  • Bardshar, Henry P
  • Hanna, Hon. R H
  • Lucero, Hon. Antonio
  • Lutz, Henry
  • Parker, Hon, Frank W
  • Read, James B
  • Simpson, Smith H

Hosted at Sierra County USGenWeb Archives

  • Oliver Lee
  • Sadie Orchard

Hosted at Socorro County USGenWeb Archives

  • Mrs. Mary E. Burleson
  • John J. Heringa
  • Mrs. Lorencita Miranda
  • Sidney L. Prager
  • Ben Stimmel

Hosted at Taos County USGenWeb Archives

  • James B Read
  • Captain Smith H. Simpson

Hosted at Torrance County USGenWeb Archives

  • Meyer, Julius
  • Read, James B
  • Sanchez, Manuel Jr
  • Smith, Clint

Hosted at Union County USGenWeb Archives

  • Unusual Industries – contains information on several craftsmen in Clayton
  • Newton E Charlton
  • Earnest, Hon. Howell
  • John W Evans
  • John J Heringa
  • Louise Niemann

Hosted at Valencia County USGenWeb Archives

  • Jose Apodaca
  • Chaves, Hon. Jacobo




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