New Mexico Genealogy is being developed as a genealogical and historical resource for your personal use. While the original thought was to provide this website as a resource for finding genealogy and historical data concerning New Mexico on the web, we have begun adding specific data to this site for your personal use.

In an attempt to further expand our offerings and refine your search, we have begun the creation of county websites. Those county sites can be found in the list of links to the right. While only a small portion of New Mexico counties are presently listed, the amount of data for those counties is quite impressive.

The “Search New Mexico Genealogy” search on the right side will search all of the New Mexico Genealogy website, but will not search the data linked to from our offsite data pages.

The goal of this website is to freely provide you with as much genealogical and historical information concerning New Mexico genealogy and history as is practical. Since I do not reside in the state, I cannot provide onsite genealogical assistance, but can provide guidance and online assistance to your genealogical research. If you don’t ask a question then I definitely cannot help you… so please ask using the comment form.

What’s New on New Mexico Genealogy

  • Fort Selden, New Mexico Troops, 1865-1891
    The first troops to occupy the fort were companies of the 125th US Colored Infantry Regiment, a group of African-American enlisted soldiers from Kentucky who had been mustered into the Union Army near the close of the American Civil War. Several of the units assigned later, including the 9th US Cavalry and 10th US Cavalry, and stationed at the fort were also composed of black troopers, sometimes referred to as Buffalo Soldiers. As a testament to their bravery, nine Buffalo Soldiers received the Medal of Honor while serving in New Mexico Territory.
  • Franciscan Missions of the Southwest
    The Franciscan (Cincinnati Province) Preservation Society was a Branch Society established for the support of the Franciscan Missions among the Indians, which were located in New Mexico and the northeastern part of Arizona. This magazine endeavored to increase the membership in that Branch Society, and to arouse a widespread interest in the Missions of the great Southwest.
  • African American Resources
    Read about the early black settlements in New Mexico and several different Buffalo Soldier extractions and information pages.
  • Census Records
    This page provides information on where to obtain available census records online for New Mexico.
  • County Offices
    County Offices of many states are a great place to start your research.  We have provided a brief glimpse of the etymology of each county, knowing when and how counties were formed can aid land and census searches.
  • New Mexico Land Records
    Originally a combined section of land records and maps, the land records now have their own specific page.
  • New Mexico Maps
    The map page now consists of over 40 historical maps of New Mexico made before 1900.
  • Native American Resources
    Providing a brief synopsis of the tribes of New Mexico with links to much more extensive content.

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