Fort Selden Troops – Surname Eagan – Furth

Fort Selden was established in 1865 in an effort to bring peace among the varied inhabitants in the south central region of present day New Mexico. Their primary intent was to protect settlers and travelers in the Mesilla Valley from desperados and Mescalero Apache Indians. Built near the banks of the Rio Grande, the adobe fort housed units of U.S. Army Infantry and Cavalry.

The first troops to occupy the fort were companies of the 125th US Colored Infantry Regiment, a group of African-American enlisted soldiers from Kentucky who had been mustered into the Union Army near the close of the American Civil War. Several of the units assigned later, including the 9th US Cavalry and 10th US Cavalry, and stationed at the fort were also composed of black troopers, sometimes referred to as Buffalo Soldiers. As a testament to their bravery, nine Buffalo Soldiers received the Medal of Honor while serving in New Mexico Territory.

Surname Eagan – Furth

Eagan           Peter          Pvt.    G       8th CAV
Earley          Thomas         Sgt     D       10th INF
Easeley         James          Pvt.    A       24th INF
Easton          Harry A.       Cpl     B       13th INF
Easton          Henry          Pvt.    M       9th CAV
Ebermayor       Adolphe        1Lt             125 INF
Edgar           Edwin J.       2Lt     A       1 NM CAV
Edney           William H.     Pvt.    K       13th INF
Edson           James          Pvt.    B       13th INF
Edwards         ns             Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Edwards         David          Pvt.    M       9th CAV
Edwards         George         Pvt.    K       3rd CAV
Edwards         H. K.          Pvt.    M       9th CAV
Edwards         William        Pvt.    G       8th CAV
Ehler           William G.     Pvt.    A       15th INF
Eis             Charles        Pvt.    G       8th CAV
Eisenchnid      William        Pvt.            15th INF
Eisenschmidt    William        Pvt.    G       15th INF
Ellington       ns             Pvt.    I       8th CAV
Elliott         Charles P.     2Lt     B       13th INF
Ellis           George         Pvt.    F       24th INF
Ellis           Philip N.      Cpt     D       13th INF
Elting          Oscar          2Lt     K       3rd CAV
Elwood          Edwin L.       Pvt.    G       8th CAV
Emmons          ns             Pvt.    K       3rd CAV
Emory           Matt           Pvt.    M       9th CAV
Endare          Frank          Pvt.    E       15th INF
Engle           John B.        1Lt             15th INF
English         Richard        Pvt.    K       38th INF
Eringan         Jerry          Pvt.            15th INF
Evans           Benjamin F.    Pvt.    K       3rd CAV
Evelin          ns             Pvt.    G       8th CAV
Evert           Jonathan       Pvt.    K       38th INF
Ewing           Andrew         Pvt.    G       24th INF
Exenir          William        Pvt.    D       13th INF
Fagier          George         Pvt.    G       8th CAV
Falmes          ns             Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Farrell         Garrett        Pvt.    K       3rd CAV
Farrell         Michael        Pvt.    C       15th INF
Farrell         William        Pvt.    I       8th CAV
Faulkner        George         Pvt.    G       24th INF
Faulkner        Robert         Pvt.    K       3rd CAV
Fawcett         Richard        Pvt.    K       3rd CAV
Feil            Lewis          Pvt.    B       13th INF
Feldman         Henry
Felix           ns             Pvt.    K       38th INF
Felmer          Joseph         2Lt     I       1 NM INF
Fergerson       Joseph         Pvt.    F       15th INF
Ferguson        William S.             K       15th INF
Fernandez       Enrique        Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Fernbier        Philip B.      Pvt.    B       13th INF
Ferres          James          Pvt.            15th INF
Feschet         William        Pvt.            15th INF
Fetchet         Edmund G.      Cpt     G       8th CAV
Ficieney        William        Pvt.    A       15th INF
Fields          Harvey         Pvt.    K       38th INF
Fierbaum        Frederick      Pvt.    G       8th CAV
Finch           Martin                 M       9th CAV
Fink            John           Pvt.    G       8th CAV
Finley          A.             Pvt.    M       9th CAV
Finley          Jonathan       Pvt.    K       38th INF
Finley          Rae            Pvt.    F       24th INF
Finn            Jerry          Pvt.            15th INF
Finn            Thomas                 K       3rd CAV
Firth           Henry                  C       8th CAV
Fischer         Emil           Pvt.    F       15th INF
Fisher          Charles        Pvt.            15th INF
Fisher          George W.      Pvt.    K       3rd CAV
Fitch           Julian R.      1Lt     E       15th INF
Fitzgerald      Nicholas B.    Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Flaherty        W.             Pvt.            15th INF
Flannigan       John           Sgt     D       10th INF
Flemming        John           Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Flemming        William H.     Pvt.    A       15th INF
Fletcher        George W.      Pvt.    K       13th INF
Fletcher        Isaac M.       1Lt     E       125 INF
Fletcher        Nathan         Sgt     F       9th CAV
Fogarty         James          Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Forbaine        George         Pvt.    K       3rd CAV
Forbes          ns             Pvt.    C       1 CA INF
Fores           William N.     Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Ford            ns             Pvt.    I       8th CAV
Ford            Martin         Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Foreman         George W.      Pvt.    H       3rd CAV
Forest          Charles J.     Pvt.    I       8th CAV
Forester        Thomas         Pvt.    K       15th INF
Forrest         John C.        Pvt.    K       3rd CAV
Fosal           John T.        Sgt             15th INF
Foster          ns             Pvt.    I       8th CAV
Foster          ns             Pvt.    K       38th INF
Foster          David          Pvt.    K       13th INF
Fox             ns             Pvt.    K       38th INF
Fox             William        Cpl     D       24th INF
Frances         F              Pvt.            15th INF
Francis         ns             Pvt.    K       38th INF
Franke          Lewis          Pvt.    K       38th INF
Franklin        Elijah         Pvt.    M       9th CAV
Frawley         William        Pvt.    A       15h INF
Frazier         John W.        Pvt.    K       38th INF
Fredericks      Otto           Pvt.    G       8th CAV
Freeman         Rufus          Pvt.    K       38th INF
Fry             Zachary T.     Pvt.    G       8th CAV
Frye            Ely            Pvt.    K       38th INF
Fulton          Hugh           Pvt.    B       13th INf
Furth           ns                     C       8th CAV

Source: Southern New Mexico Genealogical Society, Marcena Thompson, and Charles Barnum.

Fort Selden, New Mexico Troops, 1865-1891.




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