Fort Selden Troops – Surname Gadden – Guttierez

Fort Selden was established in 1865 in an effort to bring peace among the varied inhabitants in the south central region of present day New Mexico. Their primary intent was to protect settlers and travelers in the Mesilla Valley from desperados and Mescalero Apache Indians. Built near the banks of the Rio Grande, the adobe fort housed units of U.S. Army Infantry and Cavalry.

The first troops to occupy the fort were companies of the 125th US Colored Infantry Regiment, a group of African-American enlisted soldiers from Kentucky who had been mustered into the Union Army near the close of the American Civil War. Several of the units assigned later, including the 9th US Cavalry and 10th US Cavalry, and stationed at the fort were also composed of black troopers, sometimes referred to as Buffalo Soldiers. As a testament to their bravery, nine Buffalo Soldiers received the Medal of Honor while serving in New Mexico Territory.

Surname Gadden – Guttierez

Gadden          Joseph         Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Gadsden         Joseph         Pvt.    A       24th INF
Gaines          ns             Cpl             38th INF
Gaines          Lee            Pvt.    K       13th INF
Gaius           ns             Pvt.    K       38th INF
Gallagher       ns             Pvt.    K       8th CAV
Gallegos        ns             Pvt.    C       1 NM INF
Gallegos        ns             Cpl     C       1 NM INF
Gallup          Henry          Pvt.    K       13th INF
Gamgan          John           Pvt.    G       8th CAV
Gardner         Daniel         Pvt.    A       15th INF
Gardner         John           Pvt.    H       24th INF
Gauterus        ns             Pvt.    G       8th CAV
Gavin           Daniel         Pvt.    K       3rd CAV
Gavin           James          Pvt.    K       3rd CAV
Gehring         Charles A.     Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Gemmill         Samuel         Pvt.    K       3rd CAV
Georgian        ns             Cpl     G       8th CAV
Gerkes          Joseph         Pvt.    A       15th INF
Gibbons         John           Pvt.            15th INF
Gibbons         Patrick        Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Giebel          George         Sgt     C       15th INF
Gifford         George W.      Pvt.    G       8th CAV
Gilbert         Moses          Pvt.            15th INF
Giles           ns             Pvt.    K       38th INF
Gilford         J. G.          Cpt     K       3rd CAV
Gill            Henry          Pvt.    K       38th INF
Gillespie       Silas          Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Glapeer         Thomas         Pvt.    K       38th INF
Glascow         ns             Pvt.    K       38th INF
Glausby         G.             Pvt.            38th INF
Gleason         John           Pvt.            15th INF
Gleason         Thomas         Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Glenn           George W.      Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Godwin          Edward A.      2Lt     C       8th CAV
Goe             James B.       2Lt     D       13th INF
Goeller         John           Pvt.    K       13th INF
Goff            Henry A.       Pvt.    D       24th INF
Golden          ns             Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Goodige         E.             Pvt.            15th INF
Goodman         John           Sgt     C       15th INF
Goodwin         Millard F.     1Lt     M       9th CAV
Goodwin         William H.     Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Gorby           Richard S.     Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Gordon          Daniel         Pvt.            15th INF
Gordon          Ray T.         1Lt     I       8th CAV
Gore            ns             Cpl     K       38th INF
Gorin           ns             Pvt.    I       8th CAV
Gorman          James                  K       3rd CAV
Gorman          Michael        Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Gossen          ns             Pvt.    G       8th CAV
Gotch           Fred           Pvt.            15th INF
Gover           C.             Maj     K       38th INF
Grover          James          Pvt.    K       38th INF
Grace           William        Pvt.    G       8th CAV
Grady           Martin E.      Pvt.    G       8th CAV
Graham          John           Cpl     K       38th INF
Grant           William        Pvt.    K       38th INF
Graves          Alexander      Cpl     K       38th INF
Gray            Charles        Pvt.    D       10th INF
Gray            Zachariah T.   Pvt.    G       8th CAV
Green           ns             Pvt.    G       8th CAV
Green           Arthur         Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Green           Charles        Pvt.            15th INF
Green           Charles E.     Pvt.    D       10th INF
Green           Daniel J.      Pvt.    E       9th CAV
Green           Leonard K.     Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Green           William        Pvt.    F       9th CAV
Green           William        Sgt     C       8th CAV
Greenleaf       Allen          Pvt.    D       24th INF
Greer           William                G       8th CAV
Gregory         John M.        Sgt     K       3rd CAV
Griffen         William                K       15th INF
Griffin         Seward         Pvt.    G       8th CAV
Griffith        William        Pvt.    K       3rd CAV
Grilman         ns             Pvt.    G       8th CAV
Griner          John           Pvt.            15th INF
Gross           Frank          1Lt     F       9th CAV
Gross           John H.                M       9th CAV
Grove           William H.     Sgt     C       8th CAV
Grudy           Martin E.      Pvt.    G       8th CAV
Grundy          Joseph         Pvt.    K       15th INF
Grupe           Heinrich       Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Guithausman     Charles        Pvt.    K       3rd CAV
Gulirona        ns             Pvt.    G       8th CAV
Gusting         C. A.          Pvt.            38th INF
Gutinuim        ns             Pvt.    G       8th CAV
Guttierez       Sebastian      Pvt.    G       8th CAV

Source: Southern New Mexico Genealogical Society, Marcena Thompson, and Charles Barnum.

Fort Selden, New Mexico Troops, 1865-1891.



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