Fort Selden Troops – Surname Dabney – Dyer

Fort Selden was established in 1865 in an effort to bring peace among the varied inhabitants in the south central region of present day New Mexico. Their primary intent was to protect settlers and travelers in the Mesilla Valley from desperados and Mescalero Apache Indians. Built near the banks of the Rio Grande, the adobe fort housed units of U.S. Army Infantry and Cavalry.

The first troops to occupy the fort were companies of the 125th US Colored Infantry Regiment, a group of African-American enlisted soldiers from Kentucky who had been mustered into the Union Army near the close of the American Civil War. Several of the units assigned later, including the 9th US Cavalry and 10th US Cavalry, and stationed at the fort were also composed of black troopers, sometimes referred to as Buffalo Soldiers. As a testament to their bravery, nine Buffalo Soldiers received the Medal of Honor while serving in New Mexico Territory.

Surname Dabney – Dyer

Dabney          George         Cpl     E       24th INF
Dale            James E.       Pvt.    B       13th INF
Daly            Cornelius      Pvt.    I       8th CAV
Daly            Lawrence       Pvt.    I       8th CAV
Dane            Frederic       Cpt     A       125 INF
Daniels         Henry          Pvt.    A       24th INF
Dasey           J.             Pvt.            15th INF
Daugherty       Edward         Pvt.    F       24th INF
David           John           Pvt.            15th INF
Davis           George         Cpl     E       9th CAV
Davis           John           Pvt.    H       3rd CAV
Davis           John           Pvt.    K       38th INF
Davis           Joseph         Pvt.    F       9th CAV
Davis           Thomas         Pvt.    K       38th INF
Davis           Thomas F.      2Lt             15th INF
Davis           Wernton H.     Pvt.    F       9th CAV
Dawson          Michael        Pvt.    E       15th INF
Day             Frank          Pvt.            15th INF
Day             Frank          Pvt.    K       38th INF
Day             James          Pvt.    K       38th INF
Day             John           2Lt     H       1 NM CAV
Day             Lorenzo        Cpt     F       125 INF
Day             Martin         Pvt.    I       8th CAV
Day             William T.
Decker          Henry          Pvt.    I       8th CAV
Defoe           Henry          Pvt.    I       8th CAV
Delaney         ns                     C       8th CAV
Delaney         John           Pvt.    I       8th CAV
Delb            ns             Pvt.    K       38th INF
Demingan        ns             Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Derry           Joseph         Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Devere          Henry          Pvt.    G       8th CAV
Devine          Thomas C.      Ltc     G       8th CAV
Devlin          John           Sgt     D       10th INF
DeForrest       Cyrus H.       1Lt     F       1NM INF
DeVere          Charlie        Pvt.    H       3rd CAV
Dickens         Charles H.     Cpl     G       8th CAV
Dickerson       David          Pvt.    K       38th INF
Dickerson       George         Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Dillman         T.             Pvt.    F       9th CAV
Dippers         John           Pvt.            15th INF
Dittles         John           1Lt             15th INF
Dock            Nicholas       Pvt.            15th INF
Dodds           James          Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Doherty         James          Pvt.    I       8th CAV
Doke            Thomas         Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Domingos        Martin         Pvt.    I       1 NM INF
Donahue         Frank          Pvt.    I       8th CAV
Donahue         John L.        Pvt.    G       8th CAV
Donohue         John           Cpl     B       13th INF
Doola           James          Pvt.    K       13th INF
Dooley          Matthew        Pvt.    I       8th CAV
Dorkins         William H.     Pvt.    A       24th INF
Dornie          ns             Pvt.    G       8th CAV
Dougherty       Patrick        Pvt.    D       10th INF
Doughty         John           Pvt.    I       8th CAV
Douglas         Archibald      Pvt.    I       8th CAV
Douglas         Thomas         Pvt.    C       15th INF
Douglass        Fred K.        Pvt.    K       15th INF
Dovins          ns             Pvt.    G       8th CAV
Dowd            M. E. V.       Pvt.    H       3rd CAV
Dowler          Charles W.     Pvt.    I       8th CAV
Downes          George         Sgt     K       13th INF
Doyle           James          Pvt.    A       15th INF
Drafrose        Peter          Pvt.            15th INF
Drummond        John           Pvt.    B       13th INF
Duel            William        Pvt.    C       8th Cav
Duffy           John T.        Cpl     K       13th INF
Duffy           Peter          Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Duffy           Thomas         Pvt.    C       15th INF
Dugan           Edward         Pvt.    B       13th INF
Dugan           John T.        Pvt.    H       3rd CAV
Duggan          Matthew        Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Duggan          Philip         Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Dully           Frances        Sgt     K       15th INF
Duncan          A.             Ltc             125 INF
Duncan          Francis P.     Pvt.    I       8th CAV
Dunlap          Ellwood        Pvt.    G       15th INF
Dunne           James J.       Pvt.    D       10th INF
Durgin          Henry C.       Pvt.    B       13th INF
Durrandt        ns             Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Dury            Joseph         Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Dusep           Charles        Pvt.    K       3rd CAV
Duspre          Charles        Pvt.    K       3rd CAV
Duval           Harry          Pvt.    K       3rd CAV
DuBois          John V.        Maj             3rd CAV
Dwyer           Daniel         Pvt.    D       10th INF
Dwyer           John           Pvt.    B       13th INF
Dye             John C.        Pvt.    B       13th INF
Dyer            Edward         Pvt.    K       15th INF

Source: Southern New Mexico Genealogical Society, Marcena Thompson, and Charles Barnum.

Fort Selden, New Mexico Troops, 1865-1891.



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