Fort Selden Troops – Surnames Backworth – Butze

Fort Selden was established in 1865 in an effort to bring peace among the varied inhabitants in the south central region of present day New Mexico. Their primary intent was to protect settlers and travelers in the Mesilla Valley from desperados and Mescalero Apache Indians. Built near the banks of the Rio Grande, the adobe fort housed units of U.S. Army Infantry and Cavalry.

The first troops to occupy the fort were companies of the 125th US Colored Infantry Regiment, a group of African-American enlisted soldiers from Kentucky who had been mustered into the Union Army near the close of the American Civil War. Several of the units assigned later, including the 9th US Cavalry and 10th US Cavalry, and stationed at the fort were also composed of black troopers, sometimes referred to as Buffalo Soldiers. As a testament to their bravery, nine Buffalo Soldiers received the Medal of Honor while serving in New Mexico Territory.

Surnames Backworth – Butze

Backworth       Thomas         Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Bagley          Robert         Pvt.    H       3rd CAV
Bailey          ns             Pvt.    G       8th CAV
Bainford        Henry C.       Cpl.    D       10thINF
Baker           Charles        Pvt             15th INF
Baker           Frank          Pvt.    H       15th INF
Baker           John           Pvt.            25th INF
Baker           Peter          Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Baker           Richard B.     Pvt.    K       3rd CAV
Baker           Samuel         Pvt     K       3rd CAV
Baker           Thomas         Pvt.    K       38th INF
Bakly           Joseph         Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Baldez          ns             Pvt.    I       1NM INF
Baldwin         Robert         Pvt     F       9th CAV
Bales           Jacob          Pvt     H       3rd CAV
Ball            William        Sgt.    K       38th INF
Ballow          Lorenzo D.     Pvt     I       8th CAV
Ban             ns             Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Banks           ns             Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Banks           George         Pvt     K       38th INF
Banthing        ns             Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Barba           ns             Pvt.    C       1 NM INF
Barber          William        Pvt.    K       38th INF
Barber          William        Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Bardne          Daniel         Pvt.            15th INF
Bare            Martin B.      Sgt.    C       8th CAV
Barlett         Homer          Sgt     E       15th INF
Barlow          William        Pvt.    D       10th INF
Barnacke        D. E.          Pvt.    G       8th CAV
Barnes          H.             Pvt     D       15th INF
Barnes          Harry          Pvt.    I       8th CAV
Barrett         Gregory        Cpt.    D       10th INF
Barrish         ns             Pvt.    G       8th CAV
Barron          ns             Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Barrows         George                 C       8th CAV
Barrucle        D. E.          Pvt.    G       8th CAV
Barry           Dennis         Cpl     K       3rd CAV
Barry           James          Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Bartlet         Oscar E.       Sgt     G       8th CAV
Barton          ns             Pvt.    D       8th CAV
Barton          John           Sgt     B       13th INF
Bascom          Gustavus M.    Maj     B       13th INF
Bass            Emmanuel       Pvt     F       9th CAV
Bassford        Charles E.     Pvt.    H       3rd CAV
Basson          Lucius                 C       8th CAV
Bastell         Andrew         Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Batchelor       J. B.          2LT     A       24th INF
Bates           Merritt        Pvt.    G       8th CAV
Battles         Henry          Pvt.    F       24th INF
Bauer           Charles        Pvt.    I       8th CAV
Baum            ns             Pvt.    I       8th CAV
Bayer           Edward         Cpl     B       13th INF
Bayer           George W.      Pvt.    D       24th INF
Bean            Ellis B.                       US VOL
Becker          ns             Sgt     I       8th CAV
Beckett         Edward         Pvt.    D       13th INF
Beckham         John T.        Pvt.    D       24th INF
Beeler          James          Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Being(z)        ns             Cpl     C       8th CAV
Bell            Andrew         Pvt.    A       24th INF
Bell            John           Pvt.    B       13th INF
Bell            Stewart        Pvt.    A       24th INF
Bell            William        Pvt.    H       3rd CAV
Ballinger       Richard                K       38th INF
Bellow          ns             Pvt.    I       8th CAV
Bellows         ns             Pvt.    G       8th CAV
Bendridge       Peter                  F       15th INF
Bennett         ns             Pvt.    I       1 NM INF
Bennett         D. D.          Sgt     C       8th CAV
Bennett         James C.       Sgt     C       8th CAV
Bennett         William        Pvt.    G       8th CAV
Benson          George         Pvt.    K       3rd CAV
Benton          Joseph         Pvt.    K       15th INF
Bergen          Charley E.     2 Lt    F       1 NM INF
Bergen          Ernest         Pvt.    I       8th CAV
Berry           ns             Sgt     C       8th CAV
Berry           Thomas         Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Beven           John           1LT     H       1 NM CAV
Bias            Henry T.       Pvt.    F       24th INF
Bickel          ns             Pvt.    G       8th CAV
Bickell         ns             Sgt     I       8th CAV
Billings        Edward         Pvt.    K       38th INF
Billings        J. J.          1Lt     M       1 CA CAV
Bimnide         ns             Pvt.    G       8th CAV
Binnette        ns             Sgt     C       8th CAV
Bird            Benjamin S.    Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Bird            Robert         Cpl     F       9th CAV
Bishop          Edward T.      Sgt     C       8th CAV
Bishop          John L.        1Lt     D       13th INF
Bishop          Peter          Cpt     H       1 NM INF
Black           John           Pvt.    K       13th INF
Black           Richard F.     Pvt.            15th INF
Blackman        Jacob A.       1Lt     A       125 INF
Blair           J.             Pvt.    K       38th INF
Blair           Samuel                 K       38th INF
Bland           Harrison       Pvt.    F       9th CAV
Bliss           ns             Col     A       24th INF
Bliss           Frank          Pvt.    H       15th INF
Bloodgood       Edward         Col     K       38th INF
Bloodworth      John C.        Pvt.    I       8th CAV
Blum            Augustus       Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Boggs           Carter         Pvt.    A       24th INF
Boggs           Jackson        Pvt.    M       1 CA CAV
Boggs           William H.     Sgt     C       8th CAV
Bolen           James          Pvt.    I       8th CAV
Boley           Robert         Pvt.    G       8th CAV
Bolt            Ben            Pvt.    M       9th CAV
Bonett          John           Sgt             15th INF
Bonsall         ns             Pvt.    I       1 NM INF
Booker          Rndall R.      Pvt.    D       10th INF
Booz            Mathias        Sgt     C       8th CAV
Boughton        Alden G.       Sgt     K       3rd CAV
Bourhe          Edmund         Cpl     G       15th INF
Bowman          John J.        Sgt
Boyd            Matthew        Pvt.    K       38th INF
Boyer           George W.      Pvt.    D       24th INF
Boyer           Joseph         Pvt.    D       19th INF
Boyle           ns             Pvt             38th INF
Boyle           George S.
Boyle           James          Pvt.            15th INF
Boynton         Alden E.       Sgt     K       3rd CAV
Bozarth         William        Sgt     K       13th INF
Brachminced     Walter         Pvt.    G       15th INF
Brady           John           Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Brady           John C.        Pvt.    K       13th INF
Brady           William        Cpt     A       1 NM CAV
Brainard        Charles S.     Cpl     K       13th INF
Bratling        Frank          Cpl     C       8th CAV
Brawley         John E.        Pvt.    K       3rd CAV
Bray            Thomas         Pvt.    K       3rd CAV
Bremer          Francis E.     Pvt.    I       8th CAV
Brennan         ns             Sgt     I       8th CAV
Brennan         ns             Pvt.    I       8th CAV
Brennan         Owen           Pvt.    D       10th INF
Brett           J. E.          1Lt.    F       24th INF
Briggs          ns             Sgt     C       8thCAV
Brinson         John           Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Brisbie         Alexander      Pvt.            38th INF
Britcher        Ed             Cpl             15th INF
Britt           Daniel E.      Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Brittian        William        Pvt.    G       15th INF
Brockedorff     Hugo           Pvt.    I       8th CAV
Brooks          ns             Sgt     C       8th CAV
Brooks          Charles        Pvt.    K       3rd CAV
Brooks          Edward R.      Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Brooks          Frederick      Pvt.    G       8th CAV
Brooks          Madison        Rec     M       9th CAV
Brower          William        Pvt.    K       13th INF
Brown           ns             Pvt.            38th INF
Brown           Charles        Cpl     A       8th CAV
Brown           Charles        Pvt.    K       38th INF
Brown           George         Pvt.    M       9th CAV
Brown           George         Pvt.    K       3rd CAV
Brown           George         Pvt.    G       8th CAV
Brown           George         Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Brown           James H.       Cpl     K       38th INF
Brown           Walter S.      Pvt.    F       24th INF
Bruce           ns             Pvt.            38th INF
Bruden          John           Pvt     G       15th INF
Brume           ns             Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Bruner          Francis E.     Pvt.    I       8th CAV
Brunson         ns             Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Buidrow         Peter          Pvt.    A       15th INF
Buius           Frederick      Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Bullack         Charles        Pvt.            15th INF
Bunday          Paul           Pvt.    D       24th INF
Bunger          Henry
Bunker          Warren D.      Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Burge           Benjamin       Pvt.    E       24th INF
Burk            William J.     Pvt.    D       13th INF
Burke           John           Pvt.            15th INF
Burke           Thomas         Pvt.    K       13th INF
Burkhart        August         Pvt.    D       10th INF
Burks           Charles        Pvt.    F       24th INF
Burles          Charles        Pvt.    D       24th INF
Burnett         ns             Pvt.    G       8th CAV
Burns           ns             Pvt.            38th INF
Burns           Fred W.        Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Burris          Madison K.     Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Burrows         ns                     C       8th CAV
Bursey          Henry          Pvt.    I       8th CAV
Burting         ns             Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Burton          William        Pvt.    G       15th INF
Butler          Frank          Pvt.    D       24th INF
Butler          Henry          Pvt.    G       15th INF
Butze           Charles        Pvt.    B       15th INF

Source: Southern New Mexico Genealogical Society, Marcena Thompson, and Charles Barnum.

Fort Selden, New Mexico Troops, 1865-1891.



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