Fort Selden Troops – Surnames Hackeny – Hynes

Fort Selden was established in 1865 in an effort to bring peace among the varied inhabitants in the south central region of present day New Mexico. Their primary intent was to protect settlers and travelers in the Mesilla Valley from desperados and Mescalero Apache Indians. Built near the banks of the Rio Grande, the adobe fort housed units of U.S. Army Infantry and Cavalry.

The first troops to occupy the fort were companies of the 125th US Colored Infantry Regiment, a group of African-American enlisted soldiers from Kentucky who had been mustered into the Union Army near the close of the American Civil War. Several of the units assigned later, including the 9th US Cavalry and 10th US Cavalry, and stationed at the fort were also composed of black troopers, sometimes referred to as Buffalo Soldiers. As a testament to their bravery, nine Buffalo Soldiers received the Medal of Honor while serving in New Mexico Territory.

Surnames Hackeny – Hynes

Hackeny         ns                             38th INF
Hackey          Jamie          Pvt.    K       3rd CAV
Hagden          Thomas         Pvt.    K       3rd CAV
Hager           Augustus A.    Pvt.    K       3rd CAV
Hale            Charles        Sgt     K       13th INF
Hale            George L.      Pvt.    K       3rd CAV
Hale            John L.        Pvt.    K       3rd CAV
Haley           ns             Pvt.    K       8th CAV
Haley           Frank E.       Pvt.    K       13th INF
Halfpenny       James          Sgt             15th INF
Hall            ns             Pvt.    K       8th CAV
Hall            Charles        Pvt.    K       13th INF
Hall            Henry          Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Hall            John T.        Pvt.    D       24th INF
Hall            Wesley         Pvt.    F       9th CAV
Hall            Willis         Pvt.    D       13th INF
Hally           William        Pvt.    D       13th INF
Halstead        Rinaldo        Pvt.    F       15th INF
Hamden          ns             Cpl     I       8th CAV
Hamill          James          Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Hamilton        George         Pvt.    E       24th INF
Hammond         Lewis F.               K       3rd CAV
Hams            Charles        Pvt.    A       24th INF
Hanley          Thomas         Pvt.    D       10th INF
Hansdegan       Victor         Pvt.    K       3rd CAV
Hanson          E.             Sgt     M       9th CAV
Hardin          ns             Sgt     I       8th CAV
Harding         Joseph         Pvt.    K       15th INF
Hardig          Mosher         Pvt.    G       8th CAV
Hardy           ns             Pvt.    I       8th CAV
Hardy           ns             Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Hargrove        Abram          2Lt     D       1 CA INF
Harper          Nicholas       Sgt
Harrington      John           Pvt.    B       13th INF
Harrington      John S.        Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Harris          William W.     Pvt.    F       9th CAV
Harrison        Henry          Pvt.    D       24th INF
Harrold         Joseph         Pvt.    H       3rd CAV
Hart            William        Sgt     K       3rd CAV
Hartcog         Benjamin       Pvt.    K       3rd CAV
Hartherman      Andrew         Pvt.            15th INF
Hartz           Wilson F.      Cpt     K       15th INF
Harvey          Henry          Pvt.    D       13th INF
Hasfelt         Valentine      Pvt.            15th INF
Hathaway        Jeremiah       Pvt.            15th INF
Hayden          Thomas         Pvt.    K       3rd CAV
Hayes           Charles                C       8th CAV
Hayes           Hilary T.      Pvt.    K       38th INF
Hayes           John           Pvt.    B       13th INf
Haywood         Richard        Pvt.    A       24th INF
Hazelhurst      Fred           1Lt             125 INF
Hazen           William B.             K       38th INF
He( )ff         John L.        Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Heally          W.             Pvt.            38th INF
Hearn           Henry          Pvt.    K       13th INF
Heinrichs       Lewis A.       Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Helmer          ns             Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Helmer          Joseph         2Lt     I       1 NM INF
Henderson       Crawford       Pvt.    D       10th INF
Henderson       George         Pvt.    F       24th INF
Henderson       James F.       Pvt.
Hennie          ns             Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Henry           James          Cpl     K       38th INF
Henry           Philip         Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Henson          Edward         Sgt     M       9th CAV
Henther         Jacob          Sgt     B       13th INF
Herber          Florenco       Pvt.    I       8th CAV
Herman          William        Pvt.    D       24th INF
Hassel          Charles        Pvt.    H       3rd CAV
Hewatt          Alonzo         Pvt.    B       13th INF
Hicks           George         Pvt.    K       38th INF
Hicks           L.             Pvt.            38th INF
Hienman         John P.        Pvt.    G       8th CAV
Higgins         Charles        Pvt.    A       15th INF
Higgins         John           Sgt             15th INF
Higgins         Leonard K.     Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Hill            ns             Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Hill            Benjamin J.    Sgt     G       8th CAV
Hill            Harry                  M       9th CAV
Hilmes          Charles F.     Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Himverford      ns             Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Hiniman         ns             Pvt.    G       8th CAV
Hipple          James E.       Pvt.    K       3rd CAV
Hirff           ns             Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Hirsch          George         Pvt.            15th INF
Hirt            John                   K       3rd CAV
Hist            John                   K       3rd CAV
Hobbs           Walter         Pvt.            3rd CAV
Hobson          John           Pvt.    D       24th INF
Hodge           ns             Pvt.    K       8th CAV
Hodges          B.                     M       9th CAV
Hoffman         Samuel         Pvt.    A       24th INF
Hogan           William        Pvt.    B       13th INF
Holden          David          Cpl     A       24th INF
Holdridge       Edgar          Pvt.    K       13th INF
Holliman        Thomas         Pvt.    K       38th INF
Holman          Richard J.     Pvt.    K       13th INF
Holme           Charles F.     Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Holmes          Samuel N.      1Lt     B       13th INF
Hope            Samuel         Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Hopkins         Patrick J.     Pvt.    B       13th INF
Horn            Henry          Pvt.    K       13th INF
Horn            Joseph         Sgt     I       8th CAV
Hornby          Robert         Pvt.    K       3rd CAV
Horston         William T.     Pvt.            15th INF
Hosfert         V.             Pvt.    G       15th INF
Hottyhausen     ns             Pvt.    C       1 CA CAV
Hough           G.             Pvt.            38th INF
Houlihan        Eugene         Pvt.    D       10th INF
Houser          ns                     K       3rd CAV
Houston         John K.        2Lt     H       1 CA INF
Hovey           H. W.          1Lt     A       24th INF
Howard          Henry          Pvt.    I       8th CAV
Howard          William        Pvt.    I       8th CAV
Howe            William S.     Pvt.    d       10th INF
Hoyer           John G.        Pvt.    K       15th INF
Hubbard         ns             Pvt.    G       8th CAV
Hudson          Fred O.        Pvt.    D       10th INF
Hudson          Peter          Pvt.            15th INF
Huesslin        James          Pvt.    D       13th INF
Hughes          Patrick F.     Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Hughes          Terence        Cpl     B       13th INF
Hughes          William N.     2Lt     K       13th INF
Hugland         Carl A.        Pvt.    K       13th INF
Hugo            Alfred         Pvt.    E       15th INF
Hull            J.             Sgt     E       1 CA INF
Hulum           ns             Pvt.    I       8th CAV
Hungerford      William        Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Hunt            Moses                  B       13th INF
Hunt            Thomas                 B       13th INF
Hunter          John           Pvt.    C       8th CAV
Huntington      D. L.          Cpt
Hurley          Henry S.       Pvt.    F       9th CAV
Hurley          John           Pvt.    D       13th INF
Hurst           Andrew         Pvt.    K       38th INF
Hynes           Charles        Sgt     I       1 NM INF

Source: Southern New Mexico Genealogical Society, Marcena Thompson, and Charles Barnum.

Fort Selden, New Mexico Troops, 1865-1891.



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